Victory House will be closed on Sunday, April 2nd for a private event. Chuck's will be open for dining, sports viewing, drinks and everything else while Victory House is closed.

All of Poppy Bank Epicenter (with the exception of Anytime Fitness) will be closed on Easter Sunday, which is on April 9th.

Poppy Bank Epicenter is North Bay's largest all-in-one destination for sports, fitness and entertainment. With 130,000 square feet of fun, Epicenter is packed with a unique mix of attractions for the whole family.

We are proud to be locally owned by nine families and we are a "one of one" facility. There are no other Poppy Bank Epicenters in the world. Poppy Bank doesn't have any ownership of Poppy Bank Epicenter, but they have the naming rights on the facility as a result of a refinancing deal that they offered to us after the Covid shutdowns that likely saved our business. We are a local business that is very thankful to be working with an excellent local bank.

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Families who play together, stay together.

With 130,000 square feet of awesome attractions, there is activities and attractions for the whole family! Lace up your bowling shoes, throw an axe, or play pool in Chuck's. Explore our Game-On Arcade and try out our Delta Strike Laser Tag, Omni Virtual Reality, and XD Dark Ride! Grab something to eat and drink from our Victory House Restaurant and Sports Bar, or our Piner & Coffey Cafe! Our Rockin' Jump Trampoline Park is designed to tire out the most energetic of children!

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Poppy Bank Epicenter welcomes everyone (with a few poorly behaved exceptions) to come on in to have a great time in our fun and friendly facility.

We ask that everyone be courteous to each other and to our staff, follow the facility rules, and follow the lead of the hundreds of thousands of great folks who come to Poppy Bank Epicenter each year.

For those who are abusive of others or our staff or who refuse to abide by the rules of the facility, we reserve the right to have you removed from the building, potentially banned for life, and even referred to law enforcement when appropriate. You need look no further than some scattered “one star” Yelp reviews to find people who got kicked out and banned for life for their disrespectful actions toward their fellow guests and our staff.

You don’t tolerate bad behavior in your house, and we don’t tolerate it in our house, either.

Our highest goal is your enjoyment and safety while you’re here at Poppy Bank Epicenter, and there’s no room in that equation for people trying to mess things up.

Thanks to all of you whose smiles and love of fun have made the Poppy Bank Epicenter community the huge and amazing group it is!

Parking Pro Tips

As we get into our busier time of the year, there will be occasions where our parking lot gets really crowded. Here are our "pro tips" for finding a great parking spot.

First, most people still don't realize that the parking spaces nearest to the Piner & Coffey intersection (see the northernmost yellow highlighted area below) are our parking spaces. If you're coming in from Coffey, take the first right, and then another right, and then take the ramp up into these parking spots.

If that "upper parking" area is full, we have secured overflow parking a short walk down the street at Battery Systems (see southernmost yellow area below). These spots are available for all Poppy Bank Epicenter customers and will keep you from a potentially frustrating crawl of our main parking lot.

You are also allowed to park on the Poppy Bank Epicenter side of Coffey Lane up to the "No Parking" sign by our entrance, as well as along Bluebell Lane.

And remember, you can always drop off your party (assuming it includes at least one adult) right at the front door using our drop off zone, and then go find parking without the anxiety of the entire family pestering you. Yeah, we've been there too.

Parking busy days