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Welcome to the world’s only four-person Virtual Reality experience.

Featuring four Omni motion platforms with the unique ability for players to safely walk and run inside a virtual environment.

Choose from the Omniverse library of competitive multiplayer, co-operative play, and non-violent kids games and find yourself lost in an amazing and visually stunning game world!

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Dead Zone Zombies

Kill hordes of zombies with a range of deadly weapons and work together with your teammates to survive!

Compete for prizes in the zombie-filled team-based shooter, "Dead Zone: Zombies.”

Form a team with up to four friends and kill hordes of zombies with 15 deadly weapon classes.

Compete for the high score by surviving as long as you can and collecting supply crates scattered across six areas of the game map.

Come play “Dead Zone: Zombies” this weekend, a thrilling multiplayer game for Omni Arena! Fight hordes of zombies, collect supplies, and cooperate with teammates to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Dead Zone Zombies

Dead Zone Zombies Gameplay

Watch a preview of Dead Zone Zombies!

Blackbeard Trials of Skull Island

Form a team with up to four friends and work together to battle skeletons, collect treasure, and face off against Blackbeard himself to achieve the high score on the leaderboard!

Loot treasure, defeat foes, and overcome special challenges to become a true pirate legend!

Team up with friends to play and win! Fight pirate skeletons, collect treasure, and solve puzzles to achieve the top score on the leaderboard!

Each game has four distinct rounds, including a cooperative puzzle challenge and a final boss fight.

Check out the trailer below and come play this weekend!


Blackbeard Gameplay

Watch a preview of Blackbeard Trials of Skull Island!

Core Defense

Protect the Powercore in the arena against waves of robots and compete for the high score!

Compete for prizes in the team-based robot shooter, "Core Defense.”

Survive waves of robots and defend the Powercores in Core Defense. Team up with other players and go for the high score on the Omniverse leaderboards!

Core Defense

Hard Point

Capture the moving Hardpoints in the arena to score points and beat your friends!

Compete against your friends in this battle game! Score points by occupying the Hardpoint. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins!

Hard Point

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