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No matter who you’re cheering for, it will be amazing! Everyone around the globe will be watching and you need to look no further! Epicenter and Victory House is your 2018 World Cup Headquarters!

The World cup is the most viewed tournament on the planet, here a few reasons why you should watch:

• Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the Steph Curry and LeBron James of modern soccer…two best players of our generation!

• It’s a great reason for family and friends to get together and cheer with or against one another.

• It’s the beautiful game.

• Oh, and there’s always controversy. Who doesn’t love that?

We’ll have contests, prizes, giveaways, food and beverage specials

2018 FIFA Schedule, Group Stage

Victory House will be open for all matches as early as 5am.

Wednesday, June 20
Portugal vs. Morocco (Group B) – 5:00AM
Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia (Group A) – 8:00AM
IR Iran vs. Spain (Group B) – 11:00AM

Thursday, June 21
Denmark vs. Australia (Group C)- 5:00AM
France vs. Peru (Group C) – 8:00AM
Argentina vs. Croatia (Group D) – 11:00AM

Friday, June 22
Brazil vs. Costa Rica (Group E) – 5:00AM
Nigeria vs. Iceland (Group D) – 8:00AM
Serbia vs. Switzerland (Group E) – 11:00AM

Saturday, June 23
Belgium vs. Tunisia (Group G) – 5:00AM
Korea Republic vs. Mexico (Group F) – 8:00AM
Germany vs. Sweden (Group F) – 11:00AM

Sunday, June 24
England vs. Panama (Group G) – 5:00AM
Japan vs. Senegal (Group H) – 8:00AM
Poland vs. Colombia (Group H) – 11:00AM

Monday, June 25
Uruguay vs. Russia (Group A) – 7:00AM
Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt (Group A) – 7:00AM
Spain vs. Morocco (Group B) – 11:00AM
IR Iran vs. Portugal (Group B) – 11:00AM

Tuesday, June 26
Australia vs. Peru (Group C) – 7:00AM
Denmark vs. France (Group C) – 7:00AM
Nigeria vs. Argentina (Group D) – 11:00AM
Iceland vs. Croatia (Group D) – 11:00AM

Wednesday, June 27
Korea Republic vs. Germany (Group F) – 7:00AM
Mexico vs. Sweden (Group F) – 7:00AM
Serbia vs. Brazil (Group E) – 11:00AM
Switzerland vs. Costa Rica (Group E) – 11:00AM

Thursday, June 28
Japan vs. Poland (Group H) – 7:00AM
Senegal vs. Colombia (Group H) – 7:00AM
Panama vs. Tunisia (Group G) – 11:00AM
England vs. Belgium (Group G) – 11:00AM

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