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Epic Youth Events Made Easy! We do all the work so you don't have to!

Our philosophy is simple -- we want to make it as easy as possible for you to create an amazing experience for the important children and young adults in your life.

We offer a simple pricing model that gives you a reasonably priced basic package. From there, you can add additional activities, food and beverages to craft the perfect party for your occasion.

We provide 100% of the food and beverages for your party. You no longer need to run all over town trying to track down cupcakes for your party. If you want to make the party really special by serving Amy's Wicked Slush, we have you covered! No place else can do that for you.

We know that most other places force you to bring your own cakes and other food, but for parties with us, you are not even allowed to bring in any outside food or beverage. We'll take care of that for you because you have better things to do with your time!

Not only will we provide food for your party, we have QR codes in each party space so parents can order food and drinks right from their phones (including adult beverages, if desired), so that the parents can get exactly what they want and delivered right to them in the party rooms! These parties are fun for the kids but also great for adults ... where else can you find that?

So just book your party, relax, and have a great time!

Basic Private Suite Youth Party Package

Basic Private Suite Youth (Age 18 and under) Party Package Includes:

- Two and a half hours use of Party Suite

- Your choice of one hour of Rockin' Jump Trampoline Park OR Bowling OR Play Structure OR two hours of Arcade time (including XD Dark Ride and Laser Tag)

- Your choice of two pizzas and two pitchers of soda/lemonade or juice boxes

- Your choice of 1 dozen cupcakes or 1 dozen Mini Pips from Amy's Wicked Slush

$299 (plus tax and gratuity) for up to 12 party participants

You can add additional participants and additional activities, food, and beverages to create your own perfect party!

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Youth Bowling Parties

Bowling Parties

For these parties you can have up to 16 bowlers on two lanes for one hour for only about $12 per bowler, which is one heckuva deal.

These parties includes two pizzas and soda or juice boxes, shoe rentals and all the bowling fees. No private suite is provided for these parties, so all the food and drink is served at your seating areas on the lanes.

$199 (plus tax and grautity) for up to 16 party participants

These Bowling Parties are available any time on Monday through Friday and are available to start until 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Add-ons to make your party truly Epic!

The scope of your party is limited only by your imagination. The following are merely examples of the things you can add to your party to escalate it from great to EPIC!

- Add a round of drinks for the parents

- Add any food or platter items from the Victory House menu

- Upgrade to the VIP Bowling Suite and have four lanes all to yourselves

- Add an hour of Rockin' Jump

- Add a round of Laser Tag

- Add a round of Virtual Reality

- Add a round of XD Dark Ride

- Add the Play Structure for the rest of the day

- Add 175 chip game cards (with full redemption rights!)

- Add an indoor soccer arena rental for soccer, flag football, lacrosse, or whatever you can imagine

- Add Wicked Slush for the whole crew

- Upgrade to the Trophy Room for the top shelf ambiance

- Add more kids to the party - the more, the merrier!

- And so much more....

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