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Frequently asked questions about birthday parties at Epicenter

A “Power Up” is an optional upcharge for a set amount of additional chips (tokens) for your guests’ arcade cards. For example, depending on the base card dollar amount, an $2 Power Up can get you an extra 15 chips ($3.75 value) which will allow for more game playing in the arcade.
Our birthday parties are structured in a way that has you do your suite or bowling lanes with pizza and cake first, then you go on to your activities. This maximizes the play time for your guests, so they don’t have to be rushed away from their fun.
When you book a party with us, you will get two bowling lanes for up to twelve guests. After that you will need additional lanes for every increment of six participating guests.
We do ask that all food orders are placed at least 72-hours (three days) in advance. If you need additional food on the day of your party, Ate-Bit Cafe in Game On Arcade is available all day on weekends for quick-grab food options.
Our party suites are not themed as we want everyone to have an EPIC experience that is more personalized to their liking. We do provide festive table covers and balloons, but beyond that you can decorate how you choose (without attaching items to our walls though, please).
The tables in our bowling alley are in an open-seating area on a first-come, first-served basis. There are counters at the back of your bowling lanes that are dedicated to your food and gifts that do allow for some additional seating.
Our birthday packages offer a variety of options and activities that are very fun and exciting for our guests. We have found that it is harder for the parents to collect the children from a variety of areas within our facility to go to the party room at a designated time for pizza and cake, rather than all start in one place and move about afterward. This has become our routine and been very beneficial for ensuring the schedule is punctual for all parties throughout the day.
Because activities take place after your time in the party suite or on bowling lanes, you do have a choice of what time to have the kids enter Rockin Jump (if it is included or added on to your package). Often, parents choose to have the jump time after the room for the same reason that our room time is first – so that all the children are already grouped together. You are always welcome to schedule your jump time later in your play time, but it is the parents’ responsibility to keep the kids on schedule due to jump capacity numbers that the kids are already accounted for.
Parents are always welcome to participate in activities with the children, pending they have a valid safety waiver on file and have been accounted for in either the party guest head-count (includes jump socks), or have paid separately for their jump time and required jump socks.
Yes and no. We do have guidelines for guests wanting to opt out of a party package and purchase their activities a la carte. However, it is important to note that unless you are paying for a hosted package, birthday cake (any food or drinks) and/or party decorations are not permitted in the common areas of the facility without written permission from the Birthday or Sales Department.
Siblings are ultimately your decision whether to include them in the party or not. They are an additional $20-$49 each (beyond the base headcount) depending on the party package you have chosen. One way to avoid this is to email us a roster list of the guests you are expecting and if the sibling is not listed, we will not include them unless you approve of their attendance and communicate it with that child’s parent on your behalf.
Our parking lot does get busy with walk-in guests, soccer, and other party attendees on any given day of the week. We recommend arriving 15-30 minutes before your scheduled party’s start time to allow your party to begin on time.
Our goodie bags are available as an add-on to your birthday party package for $3 per guest. They are from our Game On Arcade Prize Vault, and have a variety of small toys, activity coloring books, and some small candies - similar to what you would purchase arcade-earned tickets with.
Your party comes with three pizzas initially, with your choice of cheese and/or pepperoni. Beyond that, you may add on additional cheese, pepperoni or other one-topping pizzas for $18 each. Specialty pizzas (Hawaiian, Combo, Veggie, etc) are $23 each.
Your party guests each get an arcade card pre-loaded with 50-chips (tokens), where the guest of honor gets a 110-chip card (plus 500 tickets as a gift from us). Our games range anywhere from four to 1ten chips per play, so depending on which games the guests choose, they can get anywhere from 5 to 12 games (guest of honor could play up to 25 games!). Most packages include entry into Laser Tag, however our XD ride can be paid for using the arcade card at a cost of 32-chips per game.
Your guests will have custom-printed wristbands that list their activities for the duration of the party play time. They can use that to enter their covered attractions within the listed accessible times.
Jump socks are included in the cost of your party package if it is part of your base package. When jump time is added on to a package (Ballistics or Bowling), jump socks are an additional charge of $3 per pair. You are welcome to bring your own, or trade in socks from another trampoline park at no charge.
While you are in the party suite or on the bowling lanes, drinks are bottom-less. Once you move on to your activities, drinks will be available for purchase around the facility.
Our party packages have a minimum 12 kids. Our bowling package requires an additional lane for every 6 guests (up to 12 on two lanes, 18 on three, etc). Our party suites for our standard packages can have up to 20 guests before needing a second party suite at an additional charge. Our VIP bowling lanes can hold up to 40 guests in total.
Unfortunately, no we do not have freezer storage space for any kind of ice cream before, during or after your party. Cake or cupcakes are always welcome with a booked birthday party though.
Yes, the guest of honor is counted in the base headcount number. If you have a second guest of honor, they do not count as part of the base the add-on price of $29 covers their space as well as the birthday child items (shirt, arcade card amount, etc).
Typically, no. Parents are only counted as participants if they receive an activity wristband and/or are paid for. If they are accompanying their child/children and are just hanging out while the kids eat and play, they are not considered a participant and do not cost extra. Please note, our party rooms are set for actual participants and are not set for additional parents to sit and eat. They are welcome to be in the room, space-permitting.
Your party host is available to assist you for the hour while you are in the party suite or on the VIP lanes only. Your activities portion (play time) of the party are non-hosted. The party activity wristbands will let you and our employees throughout the facility know what you can do and when.
Gratuities are not required, but cash tips are fully welcomed if you feel your host went above and beyond to assist you and the guests during your party suite time.
Our Play Structure is split into two areas – a toddler area for children 0-3, and our Ballistics area which is intended for children 4-12. Every parent knows their child’s abilities and interests, so if they are 3 and would like to play in the Ballistics area, go for it. Same goes for Laser Tag, the XD Ride and Rockin Jump – no age limits, but based on your child’s comfort level, you can choose which activities they would enjoy the most!